Brooks School

1160 Great Pond Road - North Andover, MA 01845 USA   (map) (978) 686-6101
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School Profile

Brooks School History

Brooks provides a college-preparatory program with opportunities for challenge from a broad academic curriculum including 19 advanced placement courses. With a student to teacher ratio of 5 to 1, small classes and a strong sense of community, students work closely with teachers to reach their academic potential and to pursue their interests in the arts and athletics. Our exchange programs with Kenya, South Africa, Hungary, Uganda, and Scotland add to our impressive diversity (17% students of color, 12% international).

Brooks School Overview

Boston MA Area
Program Emphasis
Boarding School
Day School
All Grades 9-12
Boarding Grades 9-12
Grade Divisions
Religious Affiliation Episcopal
Student Body Coed
Dress Code
School Setting Other(Urban fringe of Large City)
Campus Size (Acres)
Head of School


Web Address
Director of Admission Ms. Judith S. Beams
Admission Application Apply to Brooks School
Application Required No Response
Application Fee Amount
Application Deadline(s)
Financial Aid Deadline(s)
Financial Aid Awarded
% of Students Receiving Financial Aid
Admission Tests Accepted  
Day Student Tuition $34,220.00
5-Day Boarding Student Tuition
Boarding Student Tuition $45,925.00
International Student Tuition $45,925.00

Student Enrollment

Total Enrollment
% Boys/Girls
Boarding Students
Day Students
United States  
Majority of students come from
% of Students of Color
% of International Students


Full Time Faculty 46.8
Part Time Faculty
% of Faculty with Advanced Degrees
% of Faculty with Doctorate
% of Faculty with Masters
Student/Faculty ratio
Average Class Size
Special Academic Support Programs  
A Sampling of Courses Offered  
A.P. Courses Offered  

College Placement Office

Average SAT I Scores (Math)
Average SAT I Scores (Verbal)
Average SAT I Scores (Writing)
Dedicated College Placement Office No Response
Recent College Matriculations
% of Graduates Who Attend College

Athletics & Extra-Curricular Activities

Recreational Sports  
Extra-Curricular Activities  

Brooks School Notes

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