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School News

Culver Academies Completes the Most Successful Fundraising Campaign in Secondary School History!

By Example campaign raises $376 million dollars

Valedictorian honored with prestigious scholarship

Alexis Howard of Bourbon, IN receives the honor of being named a Wells Scholar at Indiana University.

Culver's Relay for Life Raises Over $100,000 - Again!

For the second year in a row Culver Academies and the local community raise over $100,000.

The Vedette Goes to Washington

Students blogging about Inaugural trip with the Troop and Equestriennes

Black Horse Troop and Equestiennes Prepare for Presidential Inaugural Parade

Video coverage of Culver's Inaugural Parade practice

Frank and Jane Batten Make a Commitment of Up to $70 Million to Culver Academies

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