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What, Me...College?!

April 1 is the day all seniors either enjoy or dread. It is the day when their mailboxes disgorge the fat letter of triumph or the skinny letter of despair. For an 18 year old this is often the first time mom and dad are unable to help them. For many, April 1 is a rite of passage from childhood into adulthood. This is the day one finds out where he is going to college.

This has been a remarkable year for our seniors. Let’s see—where to start… first, T-P took the plunge and now files everything electronically; the office expanded with 11 faculty members helping in the process and the school now pushes the ACT as well as the SAT. Ninety-seven colleges visited our campus and met with the boys in small groups often conducting personal interviews. Applications started trickling out of our cyberspace in early September, picking up speed in October and then becoming an electronic torrent in November and December. When the electrons settled, 793 applications had been produced. Over 2200 SAT scores and 120 ACT scores reported. The faculty composed 215 personal letters of recommendation, T-P students were being discussed at 180 different schools in three countries, 41 states and the District of Columbia. My phone wires sizzled as I spoke to hundreds of college reps as well as anxious T-P parents who called to thank or just talk about junior’s prospects. A constant flow of students came to my office and together, T-P’s seniors rose to the challenge and got the job done. Acceptances started to return to the campus….

At the time of this writing, seniors are nervously trying to decide where to go… big/little, rural/urban, well known or perhaps less well known but a better fit. Students are trading opinions; taking college visits; looking for extra scholarship money here and there but overall relieved that the process is almost done. At the end of the day, T-P’s seniors did well. Yes, we have our Ivy and cadre of Northeastern stalwarts like Hamilton, Trinity Syracuse, Bates and George Washington, but we also have expanded our horizons and have such great institutions as Rice, Michigan, Johns Hopkins, Georgetown, Wisconsin, UC Berkley, Parsons, RISD, University of the South (Sewanee), Bucknell, Colorado College, the College of Charleston and NYU on our collective platter. We have the liberal Reed juxtaposed with the conservative Naval Academy. The kids did a wonderful job researching and finding schools that will meet their challenges and individual needs.

Now, a parade of juniors are in my office nervously telling me their dreams and the process starts all over again…. Congratulations to the class of 2010.

Slade Mead, Director of College Counseling


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