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50 Years of teaching

A special All School Meeting program honored Tom Jaillet for his dedication and service to Tabor after an extraordinary 50 years of teaching. During his tenure, Jaillet has seen Tabor grow from a Naval Honor school with a populous entirely of males, to a thriving coed academic institution.

Speakers Mrs. Joan Roller, Mr. Paul White and Mr. Steven Sughrue all spoke highly of Jaillet’s dedication to Tabor Academy throughout his entire career. Each speaker noted that Jaillet has an unwavering obligation to his students and that they actively try to emulate many of his characteristics. Mrs. Roller described how Jaillet was single handedly responsible for inspiring her to teach mathematics.

As Jaillet humbly took the podium amid a standing ovation, he thanked the school for taking the time to honor him. Then, in typical Jaillet fashion, he quickly dismissed the students so they could get to class on time.

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