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Admiral Farragut students help the environment

On April 13, twenty 7th graders transplanted 1500 salt marsh plugs that had been grown in our own Admiral Farragut wetland nursery during the academic year, all along the Tarpon Key shoreline.  The hope is that the salt marsh plugs will take root and help prevent any further erosion on the island. 

Tarpon Key is a refuge and bird sanctuary located in Boca Ciege Bay (near the Sunshine Skyway Bridge) and serves as a rookery year round.  Tampa BayWatch received special permission from The Pinellas National Wildlife Refuge and other local agencies for us to be able to transplant the salt marsh plugs along the shoreline to help reduce erosion.

After the planting, the students went back to Ft. DeSoto Beach and used the seine net to collect and look at different fish and other marine organisms in the water.  The students found all types of fish, shrimp, comb jellies, crabs and snails, and a lizard fish and sea robin, just to name a few.

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