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Description of Department/Program:

Learning at Fountain Valley is a tapestry of experiences in and outside the classroom. Whether you're in the science lab or on the playing field, climbing 14ers - Colorado's 54 peaks over 14,000 feet - or performing with the choir, you are a part of a community that demonstrates a deliberate commitment to teaching and learning, debate and reflection, and continuous sharing of ideas. You can learn physics and geology, geometry and calculus, Shakespeare and the literature of the West, history and computer programming, ceramics and photography. You'll receive a solid education in the sciences, social sciences, humanities and the arts - well-rounded experiences with the breadth and depth to prepare you for any major, for any career, and for any change or newfound interest in your lifetime of learning. When you graduate from Fountain Valley, you'll be prepared to succeed at some of the most selective colleges and universities in the country. Equally important, you'll be equipped with critical-thinking skills, knowledge and a strong work ethic. Energized by your decision-making abilities, you'll seek and meet new challenges throughout your life.

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Academics Director

Name: Bruce Ingersoll

Email: [email protected]

Fax: 719-391-9039

Phone: 719-391-5248

Title: Dean of Faculty

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Average faculty tenure: 9 years

Full Time: 45

Number that reside on campus: 75%

Number of minority faculty:

Percent with Doctorate: 6%

Percentage of faculty members who serve as student advisors: 100%

Percent with Masters: 86%

Part Time: 4

Student/Faculty ratio: 5:1

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General Information

Accrediting agencies for school:


A.P. Courses Offered:



Computer Science


European History



Other (AP Spanish)


US History

Average Class Size: 12 Students

Courses Offered:


American History

American Literature


Art History







Community Service

Computer Graphics

Computer Programming

Computer Science

Creative Writing



Earth Science




English as a Second Language

English Literature

Equestrian Sports

European History







Human Development




Outdoor Education


Physical Education





Studio Art

Credits (# required to graduate): 18

Extra Help Available: Yes

Independent Study Offered: Yes

Number of courses per semester/term: 5 or 6 depending on course load

Number of non-credit requirements:

Arts (# of years/credits): 1

English (# of years/credits): 4

Foreign Language (# of years/credits): 3

History (# of years/credits): 3.5

Math (# of years/credits): 3

Other: Technology .5

Physical Education (# of years/credits):

Science (# of years/credits): 3

School day begins: 8:00 a.m.

School day ends: 3:00 p.m.

Special Departmental Offerings:

English Senior Electives: -Shakespeare As We Like It -Nature and Poetry -Contemporary American Fiction -Writing from Within -Creative Writing -Short Fiction Science Electives: -Field Biology -Astronomy -Human Physiology -Geology -Genetics and Human Heredity History Electives -'50s Culture/'60s Counter Culture -American Environmental History -American Politics through Literature and Film -Comparative Religion -The Cold War in Retrospective -Socioeconomics in the Modern World Arts Department: -Studio Theatre I -Studio Theatre II -Video Studio -Modern Film I -Modern Film II -Studio Art/AP Studio Art -Photography -Sculpture and 3-D Design -Advanced Ceramics/Raku -History of Painting Technology: -Graphic Design -Web Page Design -Technology Resource Team -AP Computer Science A

Supervised School Evening Study Hall: Yes

Supervised School Day Study Hall (Time):

Supervised School Study Hall: No

Type of Academic Calendar: Semester

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Academic Support

Academic support programs offered: Yes

Additional Cost for Academic Support: No

Academic Support Program meets:

Academic Support Contact






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College Placement Office

Average SAT I Scores (Math): 590

Average SAT I Scores (Verbal): 610

College Placement counseling offered: Yes

15 most popular schools from the past four years:

Bates, Columbia, Middlebury, MIT, Pennsylvania, Pomona Swarthmore, Vanderbilt, Williams, Colorado State University, Colorado University-Boulder,University of Denver, University of Oregon, Parson's School of Design, Colorado College

Percentage of graduates who attend college: 100%

Total scholarships awarded to graduating seniors:

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Additional resources:

CD-Rom, Microfilm, Map Collection, On-Line Subscriptions

Annual Acquisition Budget ($ amount): $33,200

Number of video/audio titles: 1162

CD-ROM available: Yes

Computers in Library: Yes

Internet Access in library: Yes

On-line bibliographic services: Yes

Interlibrary Loan available: Yes

Microfilm available: Yes

Number of Periodical Subscriptions: 110

Number of Volumes: 20,818

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Special Programs

Description of the program(s):

WESTERN IMMERSION PROGRAM- Sophomores participate in a week-long, interdisciplinary study program at the FVS Mountain Campus during November. Outside speakers and scholars, along with FVS faculty, provide an integrated study of the West, focusing on topics such as land use, political and environmental issues, history, art, and geology. INTERIM WEEK- Each spring, students and faculty suspend regular classroom activity for Interim Week. Programs are of an educational nature and have included such activities as studying marine biology, participating in archeological digs, backpacking, and participating in pottery or photography workshops on campus. Freshman participate in a program based at the FVS Mountian Campus. INDEPENDENT STUDY PROGRAM- The ISP offers seniors in good academic standing the choice to explore an area of special interest during the fourth quarter. With the assistance of a faculty sponsor, seniors design their own projects, which may take place either on or off campus. Students work with a faculty sponsor throughout the project and in developing a public presentation that culminates their independent study project. SENIOR SEMINAR- Since 1989, the senior class has concluded its time at Fountain Valley School by working together on a project designed to promote global awareness and to make a lasting contribution to the School or the larger community. A joint committee of seniors and faculty creates, plans and implements the program. THE ADVISOR PROGRAM- Each FVS student is a member of a small goup of advisees-averaging five to six students-who work closely with a faculty adviser. Advisee groups come together in almost weekly group meetings-held every eight days-and participate in organized week-night and weekend activities. Faculty advisers serve as each advisee's advocate and assist in all aspects of students' social and academic life, including helping with course selections, tracking students' progress, and serving as the primary contact between FVS and parents. PROCTOR PROGRAM- A group of seniors is selected each year as proctors and the School's student leaders. Proctors lead by example in terms of academic accomplishments and conduct. They act as intermediaries, serve as week-night and weekend duty team members, and offer informal peer counseling. They're first to arrive on campus in the beginning of the school year, participating in intensive training and orientation programs. Their primary role during the first month of the year is to offer assistance to new students.

Are study away programs offered: No

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Request Information from Fountain Valley School of Colorado Request information from Fountain Valley School of Colorado

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