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California ESL Private Schools. Detailed school profiles, photos, videos, open house events, school news, financial aid tips & admission insights are made available by AdmissionsQuest members (AdmissionsQuest Member). A basic listing is available for non-member schools.

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    Student Body Grades Offered
AdmissionQuest Member The Athenian School (Danville, CA) Coed 6-12
AdmissionQuest Member San Domenico School (San Anselmo, CA) Girls PK-12: PK-8 Coed; 9-12 Girls
AdmissionQuest Member Southwestern Academy (San Marino, CA) Coed 6 - 12 PG

  Army and Navy Academy (Carlsbad, CA) Boys 7-12
  Besant Hill School (Ojai, CA) Coed 9-12

Boys   Girls   Coed