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Westover School  

1237 Whittemore Road, P.O. Box 847 - Middlebury, CT 06762-0847 USA
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School Highlights

Special Programs offer Unique Opportunities

Brass City Ballet

The Brass City Ballet in Middlebury, Connecticut and Westover School offer a joint program to girls in grades 9-12. This program offers talented dancers the opportunity to study dance at one of the area's leading dance schools. Spaces in this program are offered on a competitive basis to qualified dancers. A Brass City Ballet Preliminary Application must be submitted by February 1, and students will be asked to audition in the fall of their entry year. Scholarships are subject to availability. Students who are not chosen as scholarship recipients, but are deemed qualified, may elect to participate in classes with Brass City Ballet for an additional fee. The Brass City Ballet runs its preparatory division program at least once a week from September through May. The program includes master classes, technique classes, and the opportunity to perform with the Brass City Ballet.

International Exchange

Westover offers its students several unique exchange programs, all with girls schools in several other countries. Here is a list of the programs offered:

St.Mary's Anglican Girls' School, Australia

Westover's exchange with St. Mary's Anglican Girls' School began in an effort to add variety to our international exchanges as it is an opportunity during our summer vacation. As with all of our exchanges, we are hoping to promote independence, develop maturity and increase the participants' understanding of history and culture. St Mary's students come to Westover during the fall term. We send one or two students to St. Mary's each year. Westover students entering their sophomore year are eligible to apply.

Truro School for Girls, England

In 2001 an exchange with Truro School for Girls, in Truro, Cornwall, England was established. This exchange involved four, 10th grade girls from Westover and four, 9th grade girls from Truro. The exchange lasted for one month and included homestays and classes in Truro as well as trips to London, Bath and Stonehenge. The Westover exchange girls hosted the English girls for a month in our dormitory and in host family homes. Trips for the English girls included Sturbridge Village, Boston, New York, and Mystic. Both sets of girls got a good look at home life, school life, and places of cultural and historical interest in England and New England. Each year, three Westover girls in their sophomore year spend their spring break and two weeks of spring term on this exchange.

Gap Year, Australia

Westover has GAP year exchanges with two schools in Australia, St. Mary's Anglican Girls' School, Perth and All Saints' College, Bathurst (3 hours west of Sydney). Seniors apply for these positions in the fall while they are also applying for college. If accepted for GAP, they defer college for one year. At the Australian schools they have many responsibilities. The specific jobs they do depend on their interests and the needs of the schools. During school holidays, they usually travel in Australia with other GAPs. Since they are paid for their work and given room and board, they have their own travel and spending money. Westover has been involved in GAP programs for eleven years, and we now have many former GAP students and families in both countries who host our new GAPs during their travels. This is an exciting year full of independence and responsibility. Every Westover girl who has participated in this program has told us that has been one of the best years of her life and that she returned to the US much more ready for her college experience. Back to top Ahliyyah School, Jordan

Until the wars in the Middle East interrupted our program, we continued an exchange with Ahliyyah School for Girls in Amman, Jordan for fifteen years. This program, conducted under the auspices of the Royal Palace in Jordan, proved an exceptional opportunity for our girls to develop maturity, independence, sensitivity, and an understanding of history and culture. We are eager to continue to send two students and possibly one faculty member each year as soon as it is possible to do so. We continue to accept one student each year from The Ahliyyah School in spite of the difficulties. In the future, we hope that Westover students entering their sophomore year will apply for one term or a full year. Students entering their senior year may apply for the one term program only.

St. Cyprian's, South Africa

Westover's exchange with St. Cyprian's School for Girls in Cape Town, South Africa, began in 1997 with a South African student’s arrival here in January of that year. As the academic year in the Southern Hemisphere follows the calendar year, Westover sends one or two students each January-March, which is summer, autumn, and early winter in South Africa. Westover students entering their sophomore year are eligible to apply for this exchange.

Please see our website,, for more information.

Manhattan School of Music

The Manhattan School of Music Pre-College Division in New York City and Westover School offer a joint program to girls in grades 9 - 12.

This program offers talented musicians and vocalists the opportunity to study music at one of the country's leading music schools. Scholarships are offered on a competitive basis to qualified students to cover the full cost of tuition at the Manhattan School of Music Preparatory division and transportation between the two schools for the Saturday program in Manhattan. The Program runs thirty Saturdays from October through May. On each Saturday, the program includes private instrumental or voice lessons, music theory and ear training classes, and the opportunity to play in an orchestra or ensemble. The Manhattan School of Music is located in the Morningside Heights area of Manhattan, adjacent to Columbia University and Barnard College.

Women In Science and Engineering

Westover is dedicated to the advancement of young women in the areas of math, science, and computer science. Westover 9th and 10th graders with good ability and strong interest in math and science may be invited, by agreement of the math and science departments, to participate in the WISE program. An application does not guarantee admission to the WISE program, but rather is an expression of serious interest in the WISE program. This advanced math and science program offers coursework above and beyond regular diploma requirements. WISE classes meet two afternoons a week and Saturday mornings. Work outside of class is expected. Students in good standing in the WISE program and in their regular Westover diploma courses are looked upon favorably for admission to Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI).

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