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1160 Great Pond Road - North Andover, MA 01845 USA   (map) (978) 686-6101
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School Highlights

Brooks School Embraces Global Education

The Brooks community enthusiastically embraces the notion that living and learning with students from other cultures, either here on campus or in other countries, is a vital part of the educational experience. Brooks founded its own Exchange Program 25 years ago, well before many other independent schools followed suit. The school works closely with its program partners around the world to ensure quality programming for all participants.

Through the School Year Abroad program, Brooks students have the option of spending a full year in France, China, Spain or Italy with students from several other schools, including Exeter, Andover and Groton. In addition to receiving full credit toward graduation requirements, the students often return fluent in the language of the country they visited.

The central elements of SYA — homestay and an academic program emphasizing foreign language acquisition — ensure that students return home with real mastery of a second language. At the same time, instructors from U.S. schools guarantee that they do not lose ground in their core American courses. Extracurricular activities and organized travel round out the year. Generous, need-based financial aid is available.

In addition to a number of formal study-away options, Brooks students also enjoy opportunities to explore the world by participating in faculty-organized and–led foreign travel during the school year, as well as spring and summer vacations.

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