Dunn School

2555 W. Highway 154, P.O. Box 98 - Los Olivos, CA 93441 USA   (map) (805) 688-6471; (800) 287-9197 http://www.dunnschool.org/

Financial Aid

Dunn School's financial aid at a glance:
  • Financial Aid Awarded: $650,000
  • % of Students Receiving Financial Aid: 15%

Considering Financial Aid?

Schools administer their financial aid individually. The keys to seeking financial aid are:

  1. Planning, including dedicating time to sit-down and work through the paperwork and process
  2. Communicating with the admission and financial aid officers at the school
  3. Completing the paperwork and forms early and accurately (forms and paperwork can differ between schools)
  4. Meeting the financial aid deadline (it's early).

Visit AQ's Private School Financial Aid section for more information about private school loans and scholarship opportunities.

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