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Hyde School - Bath

616 High Street - Bath, ME 04530 USA   (map) (207) 443-5584

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Open House: Welcome! Our Doors are open.

Location: Mansion, 616 High Street, Bath, ME, 04530

At Hyde, academics is only part of what we teach.

Only at HYDE SCHOOLS do today’s teenagers get the tools they need to prosper and grow in this challenging world. That’s because our approach to education is entirely different. Our teachers focus on helping students reveal their character and develop the confidence they need to succeed in high school, college and beyond. And the way we teach is different, too. We offer leadership opportunities to all students as well as a dynamic leadership track for eligible students. And, unlike any other school, we involve parents and the entire school community in the discovery process. As a result, HYDE kids and families often realize their highest potential and are uniquely prepared to navigate the tough choices they face in everyday life.

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