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Admission Insights

Below are a series of topics brought to you by AQ Educational Consulting that you'll need to consider as you're looking for the best private school fit. AQ Member Schools may offer their own commentary regarding each topic and its place in their admission thinking (school commentary will appear underneath each tip preceded by the school's name).

This list grows out of AQ's educational consulting experience, along with articles and interviews that we've conducted over the years. You're certainly welcome to refer back to our publications available in AQ's Resources section and visit AQ Educational Consulting to learn more about our school placement services.

•  Attention to details
Pay careful attention to the school’s admission requirements.
•  Planning, planning and more planning…
Make sure to follow a plan no matter how long or short your admissions timetable. An admission checklist can help when applying to a school.
•  Shine the spotlight
What qualities make you stand out in a crowd? Where do you excel?
•  Look in the mirror
Where do you need to grow? What do you need to work on? Be honest about who you want to be.
•  Why?
Think about and be prepared to articulate why you want to attend this school.
•  Imagine making a difference
Consider how you can contribute to the school? A great school experience is as much about what you give to the community as it is what you get back.
•  It’s all about fit
Carefully consider how a school will help you grow & develop. Examine how a school’s academic, athletic and extra-curricular programs will best meet your needs.
•  Stay organized!
Make sure to assemble all of the documents that a school requires - applications, transcripts, recommendations, testing and any other materials the school is requesting.
•  Communication is key
Conduct and open, honest conversation with every school concerning your expectations and needs.
•  Deadlines
Stay ahead of the game when it comes to admission and financial aid deadlines. Gather everything you need well in advance to make certain you don’t miss any of the all-important due dates.

New to the admission process or interested in school placement help? Consider professional admission consultation from an AdmissionsQuest educational consultant. AQ Educational Consulting can help a family with all phases of student assessment and school planning. AQ Educational Consulting offers a variety of consulting packages. Contact AQ Educational Consulting for more information.

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