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Touring CA Boarding Schools

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The Webb School (Claremont, CA)

The Webb Schools - Founded in 1922, The Webb Schools is a college-preparatory school that transforms intellectually keen boys and girls into highly educated, honor-bound young leaders. Webb offers a unique program of a single-sex and coeducational environment on one campus, providing abundant opportunities for academic discovery and unbounded thinking. Recognizing the formative differences between boys and girls during early adolescence, core classes in the first two years are single-sex; electives and upper-division courses are coeducational. A commitment to honor is a central part of our community, in every program, every classroom, and every person. With top athletic facilities, strong art and music programs, a remarkable paleontology program through the Raymond Alf Museum of Paleontology, and a dedication to community service, Webb is designed to challenge a student at all levels and in all activities.

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