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In the past decade Brewster Academy has become known worldwide for innovation and performance in secondary education. The Brewster program, based on the School Design Model tm(SDM), provides students with a highly personalized education within a vigorous college preparatory environment. The SDM combines established best teaching practices and a mastery-based curriculum developed for individual learning styles within a technology-rich environment. The program is designed to meet students at their current level of performance and accelerate them in their mastery of skills and knowledge, ensuring that a Brewster graduate leaves the Academy prepared for the challenges of college and life after college.

Since the SDM's implementation, SAT scores have increased 92 points (The International Journal of Educational Reform, April 2000), and Brewster's success has been documented in education, technology, and mainstream publications, including USA Today

The Academy's faculty members are prepared and trained at the Brewster Summer Institute, a six-week professional development program designed to assist teachers in accelerating student growth. Each instructor is placed on a team, and each team member teaches and advises students in a single grade, allowing for constant communication and interaction among students, parents, teachers, and advisors.

Each grade has its own academic center complete with classrooms, an auditorium, a laboratory, and student and teacher workstations. In addition to the physical work space, all students and faculty use laptops, and teachers use a powerful suite of faculty-designed software tools to design and implement curriculum and to ensure constant communication among students, parents, and administrators. Through online portfolios, students post their work to be reviewed and evaluated by faculty and to share with parents. Students also have online access to grades to help them evaluate their own progress.

A study in The International Journal of Educational Technology showed exceptional outcomes in the area of technology skills for Brewster students. The results are especially exciting for parents of secondary school age girls, where the findings for the performance of girls were exceptional, exceeding the performance of boys in traditional programs.

Co-curricular athletic and community living programs round out the Brewster experience.

Brewster is located on Lake Winnipesaukee in the foothills of the White Mountains. The 72-acre campus encompasses a half-mile of the lakes southeastern shoreline, including beaches and docks. Wolfeboro is 1 1/2 hours from Boston.