Almost all schools have answered the Internet call and use or have some kind of on line service. However, as with any new technology or approach, the requirements necessary to effectively use the idea demand more than most us first believed. We rushed to build web sites, putting our schools on-line. Job done. We must now answer the important question. How will this electronic presence help parents find the right school for their child and schools find the right students?

Understanding that school web presences are not complete upon putting the finishing touches on our web site design, we now ask, how can we make this technology a tool? How do we use this tool to help families find good school matches and how will we bring people to it?

In 1998 Peter Baron, AQ's president and founder created AQ's predecessor, New England School Link. Formed as a service directed only toward New England schools, the AQ team realized that the technology and the potentials require greater breadth and focus in order to help schools use their web sites more effectively in the admission process. New England School link became AdmissionsQuest.

AdmissionsQuest focuses solely on using Internet technology as an effective admission tool. Spending money on individual web sites has not proven effective for student recruitment. In service to prospective families and member schools, we have built a multifaceted approach focusing on the Internet's admission role. As educators, we tailor our service knowing that we will never see or visit with any identical students. We provide as many ways and modes to reach schools as are currently available, providing families with the abilities to search for specific programs and activities. In service to international markets, we provide multilingual resources in order to provide broad effective reach.

Beginning with a single site through which parents can view a variety of schools, we provide a complete experience of admission possibilities and help. Through AdmissionsQuest families have the opportunity to visit or begin contacts with all essential school services in a single site. Bringing schools and families together, we can help show and teach families, many of whom might be new to the process, about the range of admission issues and, most importantly, how and where their concerns and questions can be addressed. We introduce schools, educational consultants, banks that finance private education, and a searchable database of school characteristics. Parents and students may also read a variety of essays written by private school students, faculty, alumni, and parents. An enhanced AdmissionsQuest presence helps direct families and students to schools with qualities and traits that directly address their needs.

Our success comes when an AdmissionsQuest enhanced school identity and presence helps parents around the world find the best school for their child. Please write to us and let us know what you think. We appreciate your comments and suggestions and we will use them to improve our service for everyone.