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Westover School and Brass City Ballet Expand Their Collaboration

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Westover School and Brass City Ballet have expanded their five year joint program with a new opportunity beginning fall 2009. The new program will "provide more intensive ballet instruction for Westover students and bring new talent to Brass City Ballet."

The expanded program offers Westover students the opportunity to become members of Brass City Ballet's Performing Company along with accompanying opportunities to perform in "Brass City Ballet's major productions such as The Nutcracker and Spring Gala."

Elizabeth Barisser, Artistic Director of Brass City Ballet, sees great benefits and the opportunity to reach world wide talent through partnering with Westover.  "[BCB Enhanced Program] will allow Brass City Ballet to welcome new talent, which will not be limited to local talent."
Hannah McConnaughay, an Outreach Education and Training Associate at the Interfaith Youth Core of Chicago contributed today's installment of the Newsweek/Washington Post's "On Faith" blog (Finding Citizen Change-Makers at Boarding School).

A Chicago native she found herself wistful, sad, irritated, and a little jealous that she would miss President Obama's inauguration.

On inauguration day she found herself on St. Timothy School's campus, working with St. Timothy's students. And, in the end, she understood that there's no place that she would have rather- or should- have been.

Here's an excerpt:

"As I heard about these young women's activities repairing local animal shelters, painting elementary schools, and providing food for the struggling, I saw how they walked their talk, acknowledging their strong differences but working together to provide needed services.

Pretty soon, I realized that I was spending my Inauguration weekend with the people that President Obama was talking about in his Inaugural address, the citizen change-makers who are waking up with a "spirit of service," working with their neighbors, and taking pride in their nation. In the weeks since visiting St. Timothy's, I've only become more convinced that that's right where I need to be." (Washington Post)

Five Cool Things to Know About Westover School

Today I'm taking folks at Westover School, a girls boarding school in Middlebury, CT, through my social media workshop. As with each workshop, my desire is to be both theoretical and practical. One goal the workshop is to collaborate with the school to produce a finished blog post (missing accomplished!).

As homework, my Westover friends sent a list of five happenings/programs/events that they'd like to get the story out on.

Five Things to Know about Westover School

  1. WISE program and our push toward enrolling more in this award-winning program.

  2. Special program with Manhattan School of music.

  3. Special Dance program with Brass City Ballet.

  4. Solar/co-generation "Green" project that will provide our campus with 25% of our own energy.

  5. Our exchange programs: getting them more attention!

Time permitting, I hope that we can focus on one (or two) of these and record a podcast conversation around it. My goal is to post it to the Boarding School Podcast next week.

I hope to be able to do some live blogging and tell the workshop's story as we move through tomorrow.   Updates should appear on Twitter.

In the meantime, think about which of the topics might interest you and take some time to learn more about Westover School.

Congratulations to Annie Wright School. The school is celebrating its 125th year (2009)-- during this time the school has grown from 46 students to 453 girls from 21 countries. (The News Tribune)

The schools founding "fulfilled the dreams of the Right Rev. John Adams Paddock and railroad executive-developer Charles Wright to establish a school for girls and young women. Wright wanted the development of joyous young women with broad minds, refined tastes and quiet strength..." (The News Tribune)

Concurrent to its 125th year, Annie Wright recently received notice that it has been become an accredited International Baccalaureate (IB) World School. The IB makes a broad outward looking international education available to the school's students.

125 years & IB accreditation- two great achievements.

To hear a firsthand take on the International Baccalaureate, listen to our podcast conversation with Verde Valley School's Head, Paul Domingue- Verde Valley School and the IB: Cultivating International Mindedness. During our conversation he spoke about the school's adoption of the IB curriculum and diploma.

Westover School Kicks off its 100th Year

On the heels of the Wyoming milestone, we see that our friends at Westover School celebrated the start of their 100th year. The school's formal year-long celebration begins in April 2009, but it's never to early to say congratulations.

You can read more about the milestone & last week's convocation by reading their announcement on our site (Westover Begins its 100th Year).

Stay tuned for an upcoming podcast with Laura Volovski, Westover's Director of Admission. We sat down at last weekend's School Connections Workshop to talk about the school's special offerings.

Update: The podcast interview with Laura Volovski is available. You can listen to this episode of the Boarding School Podcast (Westover School's Special Offerings) by downloading it from the site or iTunes.
St. Timothy's School in Stevenson, MD graduated its first class of International Baccalaureate students this past spring. The IB program is an international program of rigorous coursework and achievement. Students completing the IB program demonstrate the skills and intellectual tools necessary for acceptance into worldwide higher education. Beyond direct educational achievement, IB students also gain exposure to broad intellectual perspectives and ideas.

Accreditation to the IB program demonstrates commitment to a strong, wide ranging curriculum. St. Timothy's is the only all-girls boarding school in the United States offering the IB.

St. Timothy's website has more information about their IB program.

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