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A Mental Health Professional in Concert with an Educational Consultant

1. Addressing a Child in Crisis
2. Therapeutic and Educational Assessment
3. A Mental Health Professional in Concert with an Educational Consultant
4. Educational Consultants
5. Building a Plan
“We’re not talking about ways to enhance or target talents and strengths of a traditional kid. We are primarily working with kids for whom something is really not going well.”
– Douglas Bodin, Bodin Associates

The mental health professional will examine all facets of the child's life and then help build a plan. As mentioned above, special needs evaluation and placement focuses on the child’s fundamental building blocks.

Special needs often present themselves through an acute outburst or a precipitating crisis. Families may not have time to investigate. Something has gone wrong. The family knows the behaviors; they see the outward signs. A crisis in the child’s life jeopardizes the child and the family. Why? Special needs requires families and professionals to approach the situation with a concentrated focus on the physical, mental, and emotional health of the child.

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