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Educational Consultants

1. Addressing a Child in Crisis
2. Therapeutic and Educational Assessment
3. A Mental Health Professional in Concert with an Educational Consultant
4. Educational Consultants
5. Building a Plan
A full psychological, chemical, legal, and pharmacological evaluation will establish a baseline and understanding from which to work and plan for the child’s future. At this point, you may begin to work with an educational consultant. Look for an educational consultant who:

1. Is a planner, not a matchmaker.

2. Assesses child and family dynamics.

3. Insures constant communication with the mental health professional.

4. Uses a wilderness, or similar, program as an acute evaluative step.

5. Gives time to, and provides, evaluation and feedback.

6. Counsels and plans long term placement.

7. Plans long term commitment and aftercare, if appropriate.

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© Copyright 2001-2005 AdmissionsQuest, Inc.