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Private School Loans

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Private Student Loans
NextStudent Loans offers private K-12 student loans for private elementary or secondary education at participating schools.

Your Tuition Solution
At Your Tuition Solution, families choose a low fixed rate student loan to make their child’s K-12 private education more affordable. Schools receive payment upfront and save time on billing and collections—allowing them to focus on other important tasks. A Your Tuition Solution plan can be used at virtually any school.

eStudent Loan
"Looking for the fastest way to the best student loan? Then use our LoanFinder for instant comparisons and online applications."

"The Smart Guide to Financial Aid"

Key Bank
"Planning for school funding can seem like an education in itself. Whether you or your child is going to K-12 independent school, starting college, entering a graduate school, or beginning a technology career, we have the right program. Key has helped students and families finance education for more than 40 years."

Sallie Mae
"SLM Financial Corporation, a Sallie Mae company, has created a loan program to grow with a family's education needs. SLM Financial's K-12 Family Education Loan helps families send their children to private primary and secondary schools, and is available for parents or other creditworthy family members of children attending private K-12 schools."

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