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Home > Resources > The Benefits of a Small Private School

The benefits of a Small Private School.
A conversation with Marylou Marcus - Boarding School Admission Expert

Below are Marylou Marcus' answers to selected questions submitted by students and parents.

Question (Q): Our daughter is underachieving in her local high school. Were considering boarding schools b/c of the small class size and structured environment. Since its so late in the summer, are there still schools that have spaces available for the fall?

Marylou Marcus (MM): Yes, you can still secure a position in a boarding school for the fall of 2003. Your daughter will be held more accountable in a small, more structured school.

I am a looking for a high school for my senior year that will challenge me. Im not happy with my current school, and I'm looking for something better for my final year of secondary school before going to college. (I need a school that offers honor and AP level classes).

MM: If you are looking to be a senior for the upcoming school year, you may have difficulty securing a position at this late. If you are looking for the 2004-2005 school year, you should not have as much difficulty, especially if you are looking at schools with a post graduate year.

Q: What are the advantages and disadvantages of single sex schools?

MM: At a single-sex school, there is the potential for more personal and social growth, the opportunity to be independent and assume leadership responsibilities, and to treat each other with respect and compassion.

Q: I am looking for a school that is specifically for the artistically gifted. It can be either a boarding or a day school. Any ideas?

MM: Putney School (Coed/Boarding)
Putney, VT (802) 387-5566
Mr. Richard Cowan, Director of Admission

Q: My son is 14, doing 8th grade all over, next year. He is ADD and struggles with the desire to do well in school. He loves art, and of course sports, but the desire isn't there he says. He is well behaved but we need guidance in finding the right school for him.

MM: You need to find a small school that will challenge him in academics, athletics, arts, and jump-start him into wanting to learn or have the desire to learn again.

Q: How do private schools differ from public schools?

MM: Private schools differ from Public Schools in the following area:
Student/teacher ratio
Class offerings
Size of school
Faculty are involved 24 hours a day
No one gets lost
You will be invited onto a team
Star in a production
Captain of a team
School leadership
More opportunities to assume class offices
More frequent communication between school and family

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